More FARM SHARE Details

What to expect from a weekly farm share

Your share will contain a variety of in-season vegetables, dependent on the growing month. Our goal is to have between 5-7 different spring crops in June, 6-10 different mid-summer crops, and lots of roots, squashes, and potatoes in the fall months. We will strive to have at least one portion of greens every week and expect that early in the season there will be plenty of greens in your share. A share will make 2-3 meals for two people on a vegetarian diet, depending on the season or will make enough side dishes for a family of four for about a week. We plan on growing about 35 different crops throughout the season, with over 80 different varieties represented! Ambitious? Yes! Will it taste great, we think so!

What to expect at the weekly farm pick-up

The 2016 season will offer pick up either Monday or Wednesdays from 3-7 pm. At the weekly pick-up you will bring your own bags/boxes to package your share. We will have a weekly newsletter for you that lists the veggies available for that week. You will fill your bags based on the share amount listed in your newsletter. It will feel a lot like shopping in the supermarket, but with a pre-made shopping list of fresh, in season produce! At certain times of the season, and for particular crops, a portion of your share may be pick-your-own. We anticipate this for peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, herbs and flowers. Having shareholders who are excited about pick-your-own for a few select crops will keep our labor costs down and help ensure the success of our  farm. Pick your own is also a fun way for families to spend an afternoon! Expect to spend between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the season, picking up your share.